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You have just found your best partner for fundraising events... Boston Coffee Cake.

We at Boston Coffee Cake strive to make your fundraising experience the easiest and most profitable, our cakes practically sell themselves! We are a major contributing factor to many successful fundraising ventures. Boston Coffee Cake has the knowledge, experience, and support staff to make any fundraiser you have a profitable one.

Our Goal is the same as yours, to make a profit for your organization and further your cause. We are committed to helping you meet and exceed the goals of your fundraising program with our award winning products that speak for themselves and are always a big seller. Whether this is your first campaign or your fiftieth, you want to offer a product that will be so popular that people will be demanding it year after year. We have the name and the reputation to maximize your return on every drive.

Boston Coffee Cakes are Kosher certified and have no trans fat. We only bake top-of-the-line, quality products. Using tasty products for your fundraiser assures that people will be eager to buy again.

To kick off your next successful campaign, please contact our fundraising partner Genevieve's - by calling 1-800-842-6656.

Here are some of the groups we have assisted:

  • High School
  • Non-Profit
  • Sports Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Middle School
  • Band Groups
  • Cheerleading
  • Church
  • Elementary School
  • Student Council
  • Dance Groups