Boston Coffee Cake
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Coffee Cakes & Minis

It all started with the Original Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake recipe from our Nana Esther Cluck. Today we offer many fabulous choices including The Original Cinnamon Walnut, Applicious, Pecan Delight, Blueberry Blizzard, Marble Madness, Triple Chocolate, Caramel Apple Harvest, Cranberry Orange Walnut, Golden Pumpkin, Gingerbread and Lemon Burst. To give you a taste we offer our Boston Coffee Cakes in a mini size of some of our most popular flavors.
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Original Cinnamon Walnut This is the cake that made us famous! From: $34.95
Lemon Burst For a mouth-watering experience! $34.95
Caramel Apple Harvest Discover the taste of New England Fall! $34.95
Breakfast at Tiffany's Beautiful to look at & delicious to eat! $27.95
Mini Boston Coffee Cakes (12) Tempt your taste buds! $49.95
Mini Boston Coffee Cakes (6) Tempt your taste buds! $34.95
Applicious If it's apples you crave, try this! $34.95
Golden Pumpkin Savor the flavor of Fall! $34.95
Triple Chocolate This takes the cake! $34.95
Marble Madness You would have to be mad not to love this cake! $34.95
Gingerbread Coffee Cake Nothing says Christmas like Gingerbread! $34.95
The Great One Great Taste! Great Price! Great Gift! SOLD OUT
Mini Boston Coffee Cakes (24) Tempt your taste buds! $89.95
1.5 lb. 4 Packs Send more and save! SOLD OUT
1.5 lb. 8 Packs Send more and save! SOLD OUT
New England Holiday Tradition Coffee Cake A taste of the holidays! SOLD OUT
Wicked Raspberry Cinnamon Wicked Good! SOLD OUT
Blueberry Blizzard Old fashoined goodness in a moist and delicious cake! SOLD OUT
Original Cinnamon Walnut - 3 lb. 4 Pack Send more and save! $119.95
Cranberry  Orange Walnut Bursting with Cranberry Flavor! SOLD OUT
The Grand One Grand Taste! Grand Gift! Grand Value! SOLD OUT