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You can just feel the love in the air, even when it's below freezing! There are many different stories behind this romantic holiday. Did you know there were actually three Saint Valentine's? And each one has his own history. One story says that while Valentine was imprisoned he fell in love with his imprisoner's daughter. On the eve of his execution he sent her a note, professing his love, and signed it "From your Valentine". I like that one.

The date of February the fourteenth also has many histories. But the European belief, in the early 1400's, that the birds started to pair on that day, keeps with the romanticism of the holiday.

And who can forget Cupid, the impish child with the bow and arrow who finds couples and pierces them with an arrow of love. Cupid has been around since ancient roman times. He was the son of Venus.

Whatever the background, Valentine's Day has become the occasion to send loved one's a token of love and affection.

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